Joetta was born on a small farm in Kentucky. When she wasn’t shelling peas or feeding the chickens, you could find her drawing pictures for the outhouse wall. It wasn’t an ideal gallery space, but it did provide a captive, even contemplative audience.

In the early years, she worked as a narrative artist, telling a small story, revealing bits of personal information while entertaining with vivid color and the malleable composition of the female form.  Joetta used humor as she would color, line or shape; to suggest, expose and define a dichotomy of ideas, prejudices, and predilections. The tumultuous ’80s forced her to find happiness through her art. The bright color, humor and made up little stories seemed a better world to live in at the time.


Currie’s work and personal life evolved. Surrounded by a calmer, more joyful world, she took an introspective and more reflective view of herself and life’s impressions. A subdued palette of colors and words reveal a gentler sense of humor, beautifully executed images of fleeting thoughts, memories, and the organic nature of life.  

Pods1    JCurrie_Float_Oil

For over 20 years, Currie has owned and operated, ArtVentures Studio, a visual arts educational facility for children and teens.  The studio has helped to inspire thousands of young artists to explore and develop their creative passions.  In turn, Currie has been inspired by their wonderment, imagination and the freedom of limitless possibilities.


 ArtVentures closed with her relocation to Berkeley, California. But the years Joetta spent there have provided many wonderful memories reflected in her picture book manuscripts, Anyway Art, The Elephants of Art, Small Boy Soup, Amos and Fly and others.

Back in Texas and looking for more. Her shiny thing impulse was diverted to the art of mosaics. She started a Mosaic Art Place. The little pieces of stained glass, vintage china, and organic material came together to create beautiful works of mosaic art. She loves the clicking of the cutters while shaping tessera. Visit her shop at Mosaic Art Place to view her mosaics.

  mushroom final    J_Currie_BlueBowl_Mosaic_24sq  .

 Joetta lives in a small town in Texas with her husband and dog Sophie. She devotes her time to writing, painting, mosaic making, and working with creative teens on developing their portfolios.

She used her name, Joetta Currie for adult fiction JoettaCurrie.com and writes for children under the name, Josey Etta. Joseyetta.com

And so it goes…



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