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Why I Will No Longer Follow You On Facebook

I like Facebook. I get up at 6:30-7ish every morning, make a pot of coffee and sit down to check in on friends, family, fellow artists and writers.

It’s early, and I’m not the kind of person who jumps out of bed ready to go. As my dad used to say, “I need time to sit and soak up the day,” to prepare myself for things to come. The sun is rising, it’s cool(er) and it is my opportunity to think, plan and get energized for the day.

Rant2Lately, my “soak” time has been harassed by a handful of people. Some, I know and like, some mere acquaintances and some folks I’ve never met before. They fling their political, religious and self-important opinions at me as I scroll down the page.

I don’t like it. What I prefer, is to see updates from friends and family, baby pictures, vacation photos, images of beautiful places, interesting/educational articles, helpful tips, latest creations by fellow artists and former students. And more recently, posts by publishers, editors and literary agents. All this is of interest to me, and to my FRIENDS sharing these things, I thank you.

I don’t mind the cartoons or positive thoughts, although, more originality would be nice. But, I don’t need to LIKE and SHARE, if I love my brother, my dog or would “never stomp on the American flag.” My brother and dog know I love them, and I don’t demonstrate allegiance to my country by not doing something  I would never consider in the first place.

It’s not that I don’t like you, (at least the people I actually know) and your opinions are important, just not to me. I usually don’t agree with you and often find your rants narrow in focus, reeking of prejudice and even down right mean.

However, if you are a friend of mine and our ideas differ dramatically, and you feel driven to share your thoughts with me, please, call me on the phone. Let’s set a time to meet, have coffee or a glass of wine and discuss our opinions in a mutually respectful way. Having them in my face and disturbing my early morning peace is no longer acceptable to me.

Hence, I will no longer follow you on Facebook. I understand that you will not feel a loss, and will probably Unfollow me as well.  May we both be better for it.

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